So who wants to set a goal to save for a holiday and be able to track how you're going?

Did you know individuals can use Xero as a tool for tracking spending and setting financial goals.

Do you struggle to understand where your hard earned money goes? Do you know what you have left over for the fun things in life (holiday, new house, change job, savings, pay off debt)?
You can use Xero Accounting software to look after and manage your personal finances – kind of like your own online cash flow tool. It is called Xero Cashbook and the subscription is only available via registered Xero Partners (THAT"S ME!!).

Xero Cashbook is now the solution to track your spending against your plan. It actually makes it FUN!
The subscription allows for automatic bank feeds to flow into the software – tracking personal bank accounts and credit cards. It has the same look and feel as the business version; just without the extra business features such as invoicing and payroll.

Manage your own personal finances

I offer a subscription based service to Xero Cashbook. This means I provide you with access to the subscription, create the initial setup, and then it is all yours to keep track of your income and spending. You can always engage me for assistance along the way should you require.

All Your Financial Information On Hand

Having easy access to the value of your Assets (what you own) and Liabilities (what you owe) and most importantly what you Earn and what you Spend is a great advantage when dealing with banks or financial institutions to obtain finance or a retirement plan.

Get Set Up with Xero Cashbook

See what is included in the Love Thy Numbers setup plan:

  • Set up Xero Cashbook personalised for your Family
  • Link your Personal Bank Accounts, Loans and Credit Cards to Xero Cashbook
  • Set up automated Bank Rules to speed up processing
  • Enter opening balances so you can see your Assets and Liabilities at a glance
  • 30 minute Online Training to learn how to use the software and access relevant reports

You will just need to complete a quick checklist and you will be up and running before you know it!

Use Xero Cashbook to manage your personal finances and see where your money is going! ​

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Use Xero Cashbook to manage your own personal finances