Software Training and Setup


I can look at your current systems and recommend an option that is the most cost effective and relevant to your business. I can then manage the project to implement the system and train staff accordingly.

Or if you already have the software, but need more training, no problem.

Xero has many add-ons that can further streamline your processes (project management, online store, CRM, inventory). I can review your processes and determine if this would be beneficial, which option would suit, and manage the implementation.







Smart Bookkeeping & BAS Lodgement

A good bookkeeper will review every Balance Sheet account to ensure the balances are represented correctly. I will not prepare a BAS without this key element of month-end accounting.

Each month, I will prepare reports so that you are in no doubt as to the performance of your business, with recommendations of appropriate course of action.

If you choose to perform your own data entry, I can review your work each month or quarter to give you piece of mind.

Cashflow Forecasting, Budgeting & Reporting

Don't wait until the end of the year to find out how profitable your business is. Timely reports will give you the visibility of your success.

Don't leave your profits to chance, when a budget can take away the mystery.

Don't hope for the best that you will have enough cash to pay ATO. A cashflow forecast can give you peace of mind that the funds will be there.


Don't forget your Personal Finances

It's all very well being successful in business. But what about your personal finances? Who's looking after that, and keeping you accountable?

Xero Cashbook will give you the visibility as to where your hard earned money is going, and how you can plan for those luxuries, like a holiday, or a new home.

I will help you prepare a personal spending plan, according to your goals, load that into Xero, and set Xero Cashbook up so that you can easily track your spending against our budget and finally take that head out of the sand!

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